My name is Judith Te Huia and I am a
 Holistic Practitioner, heart based teacher, author,
and presenter and have been running soul connected
spiritual, psychic and personal development courses
for over 25 years. I am clairvoyant and a medium and
over the years have struggled with coming to terms
with these gifts.
As a child growing up in New Zealand, I
realised that other people didn’t see the world
quite the same way as I did. My world was full
of spirits that no one else could see and I
learned the hard way that life can be more
challenging when you are born “gifted”.
My dad, who also had some of my abilities,
warned me to be careful, as not everyone understands.
At the Wanganui Spiritualist Centre I began my training and learnt to manage my gifts, and to work responsibly with them, which made life easier. On a spiritual level I never looked back, but on an emotional level I had some very big lessons to learn.
It also became clear that I was being guided to study nursing and at the age of 58, I got a degree in Nursing, specialising in Mental Health.
One of the things that I came to really understand over the years, is that unresolved emotional / mental issues can create physical illness. When working in mental health I was bullied and it lead me to move on and get a diploma in Transpersonal Counselling, which I love. I then returned to running classes, doing readings, written a book and have now come full circle.  
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