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Achievable Enlightenment

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Achievable Enlightenment will be the companion you need while embracing Grounded Spiritual Practice and weaving it into your everyday life.

Follow Judith’s simple guide to soul growth, sustainable mental health, expanding your spiritual toolkit and awaken the real you.

“Grounded Spiritual Practice is a necessary part of working responsibly with spiritual and soul growth. Clearing, protection and grounding are the cornerstones of healthy spiritual, psychic and personal practice. They also have an impact on your everyday life, even if you are not following your spiritual path as yet”

With the pace of life speeding up all the time, the many sign- posts, guides and answers to our questions, can be easily missed. Achievable Enlightenment gives you explanations and information on topics, which can make a difference in your life. Grounded Spiritual Practice is a necessary part of working responsibly towards spiritual and soul growth and is the corner stone of healthy psychic and personal practice. Clearing, protecting and grounding are ways to cleanse or reset your energy so that your experiences, moods and feelings are not controlled by outside influences.

 With a combination of new knowledge and unique exercises, you can really embrace Grounded Spiritual Practice. Your tests in life are part of a greater plan. Gaining insight into why you chose to incarnate can encourage you to make the most of your soul’s experience, optimizing your health for mind, body and spiritual living.

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I chose this rating because it is an easy to read book on getting started on your spiritual journey. Clear and precise with numerous exercises to help you on your way. It doesn’t deal in airy fairy thoughts but gives the consumer the facts as Judith sees them and conveys in her own way, like she was sitting opposite you and talking to you personally. There is so much subject matter on different aspects of the spiritual world all in one book that If I wanted to give someone a book to get them started on their spiritual journey this would be the one as I am sure they would come away wanting to learn more. I know I do. 

– A. Jordan

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