My Services

Transpersonal Counselling Therapy

Judith Te Huia RN


Dip.Trans. Counselling

Cert1V Heath (Nursing)

Judith offers holistic and transpersonal counselling service, operating in Sunbury.

Depression, Grief, Spiritual Crisis, Life Change, Crisis of Meaning, Anxiety.

I am available for appointments on Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Phone: +61 422142 729  Contact me at

    Intuitive Readings

  • Want a bit of clarity in what’s happening in your life?
  • Need answers to Soul Direction?
  • Not sure about where to with your Business or Relationship?
  • Would like to be clearer on what your lessons are?
  • Do you believe there is more to life but you’re not sure what?

Judith can provide you with valuable insight, into gaining a positive out look, clarity and direction on issues of health, career, relationships, your spiritual direction and the lessons you have chosen to work through this lifetime. Having insight into these lessons, certainly gives you the tools to help you to take responsibility.

   Clairvoyant readings can give you hope for the future, as they help you, look at ways of helping yourself.

These readings are not fortune-telling, they are clear suggestions in helping you get clarity and direction  enabling you to move forward in your life

Although I live in Melbourne Australia, readings, healing and courses can be conducted by email, Skype or in person.

Book now for an appointment,  at – online or in person.

“Judith Te Huia is an exceptional professional Intuitive Guidance Councillor, Teacher, Spiritual Healer and Reader. She is profoundly accurate in acquiring details and quality guidance. Her compassionate nature and positive manner are highly respected within her field. Over the past 18 years, I have required Judith’s professional assistance at various times. I highly recommend her, as would not trust anyone else.”

– Kat Richards

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