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“Meditation just isn’t for me” and other excuses that may be holding you back from an amazing mediative experience.


I can’t sit still! My brain doesn’t stop!

I just can’t meditate.

I have started and then stopped because it doesn’t work.

Meditation doesn’t have to be long. Just learning to concentrate on you breathing helps to relax the body and mind. You don’t have to sit cross- legged on the floor. Just sitting comfortable on a chair is good. If you lie on the floor, you’re more likely to go to sleep, which defeats the purpose.

I can still hear, “but yeah I don’t have time for that”

Don’t you?

Have you ever stopped to think about what it can do for you?

Or what can happen to your body when under stress?

There are different types of meditation


Moving Meditation

We may also like to try some form of moving meditation such as doing Yoga or Tai Chi. In moving meditation you learn breathing techniques, the importance of posture, movement, flow, balance, and being centred. The art of visualisation and imagery is also practised.


Relaxation meditation is based on focusing attention on consecutive areas of the body and relaxing the muscles by tensing and relaxing, until the process is completed throughout the whole body. It allows the mind to be eased of the physical state of consciousness, and enjoy the heightened sense of relaxation and wellbeing


This is a guided visual experience that involves creating a virtual reality scene within the imagination. This may be something like peacefully swimming with the dolphins or walking in a beautiful garden. It is a good place to start when trying to quieten your mind.

Just to name a few.

The Benefits of Meditation on our health

Meditation is one of the most powerful tools we have in our modern world. The benefits of meditation are many;

  • It is a naturally relaxing and healing process, which focuses on calming the mind and relaxing the physical body.
  • Many cultures have preserved some practice of this ritualistic technique whether it’s in the form of prayer, reflection, or moving meditation such as Tai Chi or Yoga. These practices promote advances from the normal levels of perception that may result in a feeling of union and greater wellbeing to the world around you.

There has been much research to find out how much of an impact meditation has in our everyday lives and health matters. It’s been found to hold such a wide range of helpful and healing benefits across a broad spectrum that it is now included in medical mainstream practice as a great way to avoid general stress.

  • In some cases, it has helped people to reduce their medications, in addition to pain management.
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Increased Immunity
  • Emotional Balance
  • Increases Fertility
  • Relieves Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Anti- Inflammatory
  • Calmness

Learning meditation was a lifesaver for me and I could not imagine my life with out it now. It does not have to be difficult.

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Never Ever Give Up


How many times have you just wanted to give up? Walk away and not look back. Some times it becomes all too hard and you ask your self why you are doing it?

There are other times when you probably need to go but you can’t, you want to but circumstances stop you.

I sit in front of the computer finishing the last chapter to my second book. I’m doing the homework that I need to do for the course I am taking. I set my self tasks to do each day so that I can get things done, and then out of the blue this voice comes into my head saying” what are you doing this for? No one is going to come to your classes, they won’t want to see you as a client”.

I have had times when I just want to give up, when nothing is happening and I think why am I doing all this work? I am tired; I have nothing to show for it. I read blogs where people are successful and they are getting a head and making a career out of their work. What am I doing?

Sound familiar, I’m sure it does to some of you.

It’s about this time that I think, “it’s time to go for a walk” which is where my crew in spirit decides to tell me what’s what. This is what they had to say.

“At one time those people who are successful will have been at this point that you are, don’t ever give up. People need to hear what you have to offer and if you give up what is that saying to them?”

I keep remembering what one of Reid Tracy’s the (CEO of Hay House) favourite sayings is “It takes 10 years to become an over night success” for some it maybe 5 years for others they may need to identify what being successful really means to them.

There will be times when you feel like this, but take sometime out to go and have a break. Catch up with a friend, have a chat on the phone to someone, or Skype, I do with my lovely online business manager Erin who listens to my verbal diarrhea and then does her best to get me back on track. Whatever you need to do, do it. As this time will pass.

¨    Tell that negative voice in your head to take a hike they don’t have a place in your life.

¨    Be mindful.

¨    Take time out to meditate it helps get things in perspective.

¨    Go for a walk.

¨    Have a chat to someone.

¨    If need be have a rest.

¨    In all cases take care of yourself.

One of the things that I find that works is find a quite place; do some breathing exercises. Concentrate on your breathing for a minute or two, and then ask. “What is it that I need to do in this situation?”

Your intuition will know, learn to trust it and use it often.

 Life is about creating your own backdrop

Clinton Knop

Mine at the moment is watching the blossom coming out on the pear tree.

Be strong, be true and never give up.

Until I see you next time

Smile and be happy

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The Plight of The Caregiver. And why self-care should be a caregiver’s priority

Healer's outstretched open hand surrounded by random wise healing words on a rustic stone effect background

“There are days I drop words of comfort on myself like falling leaves

and remember that it is enough to be taken care of by my self”

– Brian Andreas

Balancing Work and Live

Are you are in a position where another person’s wellbeing depends upon you? This might be your children, a sick or aging relative, your work or even just caring for your family. To be able to give adequate care for anyone in your sphere of influence, you must know how to take care of yourself first. If you are a mother with small children, or have a child with disabilities, or even an aged and infirm relative, how much time do you get for yourself? Are you aware of how you are really feeling? Or have your feelings and emotions been pushed into the background? Do you also work in any kind of professional capacity? Are you drawn from home and those you care for to also earn a wage? Yes? No?

Try the questions below

  • Do you make time for yourself?
  • What do you do in the time that is yours?
  • Do you ask for help when you need it?
  • Do you feel guilty that you are having time for yourself?
  • Do you have a support network?
  • How would you describe your coping skills?

These are really important questions to ask yourself because as a carer and provider of nourishment for yourself or others (whether it’s financial, emotional or spiritual), it’s all too easy to lose your identity. When this happens, when your own sense of self becomes unclear and your day has the sole purpose revolving around others, it is too easy for symptoms of anxiety, self-doubt, or unworthiness to start to show. Being over tired, not eating properly, having a poorly balanced day, ignoring or overriding your feelings, can lead to the slippery slope of anxiety or depression or illness.

So what are you going to do about it?

  • How can you change your life so that you can still care for others while looking after yourself?
  • How can you find time to work on your self-development?
  • You may make up excuses as to why you don’t have time but can you really afford not too?

Knowing the symptoms of anxiety and depression, and also knowing there is help available to you, is a step towards coping with and managing these conditions. Understanding your own mental, emotional and spiritual processes when under stress, or in crisis-mode, is also really important. In the healing process, acknowledging the individual, knowing that you need to work through each symptom thoroughly in order to bring about a healthy outcome will have you well on the way to having a balanced and positive out look life. These are tools, and once learned and understood can be added to your Toolkit.

Some Tips to Help with Self- care

  • Take care of yourself
  • Get regular exercise, gardening, walking, yoga or Tai Chi
  • Relaxation Meditation judithtehuia.com FREE e-course Learning to Meditate
  • Any thing that you love doing
  • Find a good listener
  • Seek professional help
  • Be kind to yourself
  • Do something just for you
  • Have your hair cut
  • Soak in the bath
  • Sit in the sun
  • Do nothing
  • Ask a friend to help
  • Never be afraid or ashamed to ask for help you are human not superhuman.
  • Talk to someone about how you are feeling, don’t bottle it up.
  • Meeting up with friends is vital
  • Keep up your interests to whatever extent you can.

In order for you to be of help to others you must come first.

A Note for Professional Carers

Working as a carer or nurse in any field, whether it be mental health, palliative care, aged care or intellectual disabilities, is very rewarding, but unless you are taking care of yourself you can so easily reach a stage of burnout. I cannot stress enough how important it is to take care of you. Skipping meals, working overtime, not enough sleep, no time for you, and stress levels too high are all too common in the caring industry. For our dedicated healthcare professionals I suggest the following:

  • Spend 5 minutes in the morning practising your breathing
  • Use your own personal relaxation techniques
  • In your break go for a walk
  • Make sure you eat a proper meal
  • Have a 20 minute nap
  • Drink lots of water
  • Do a short meditation
  • Personal Development
  • Take time out for yourself
  • Become responsible for your own health and wellness by creating an action plan
  • Listen to your body it will know what it needs

There is no shame in seeking help for yourself, in fact we should be doing it.

  • These things can make such a difference between having a healthy and balanced lifestyle and one that is teetering on the brink of illness. If you are on the ward there is often no time for a debrief when someone has passed away, or if you are dealing each day with someone dying, so how do you deal with the times when you need to take care of your other patients and their families?
  • When you are starting to feel overwhelmed, take a break, even if it is to go to the bathroom, or to get a drink of water. As I mentioned before, honour your feelings and thoughts, by ignoring them you will make yourself ill.
  • Know your limitations and vulnerabilities, as this will help you come up with coping strategies. If you need to have a cry, then go and have a cry.
  • Draw healing energy into your body and you do your breathing exercises, as this will allow your body to relax. Try not to take things personally.
  • Make time to see the unit manger and talk over your issues if you have any, or talk to a friend or seek professional help. Don’t always feel you need to do it on your own.
  • Use your affirmations, positive self-talk and allow yourself to grieve for your patients and their families.

  Carers you are a vital part of our caring environment—honour yourself and your work

Who cares for the carer? Unfortunately the answer to this question is no one. The only person, who can look after you, is you. When you do choose to take care of yourself, you will find, maybe to your own surprise, that there are people willing to help. Mentors, friends, a healthcare team, spiritual teachers, and whatever you require will be provided. All you need to do is speak up.

Carers are very special people so we need to help them take care of themselves.

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